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Either we will find a way, or we will make the way

NTCorp Is Trusted by Professionals

Why NTCorp?

Our several years of experience in providing services to various customers, achieving their satisfaction, and gaining diverse experiences from collaborating with companies and different businesses are evidence of our success in service delivery.

Creativity & Innovation

We believe in harnessing the power of teamwork and generating a whirlwind of ideas and cutting-edge technologies to provide the latest, most effective, and innovative solutions possible for each of our customers' problems and needs.


Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing the best possible services. Creating peace of mind for our valued customers and demonstrating both professional and ethical commitment are prominent features of our approach.

Employing Experts

We employ experts and experienced people and they are all up to date with the latest technologies available and by knowing the needs of you dear customers, they are trying to do things in the best possible way.

Cost Reduction

The use of IT and network technologies in the environment of current companies and businesses is inevitable. By providing our services at a much lower cost, we give you the opportunity to use thousands of hours of experience and expertise we have accumulated and strive to develop your business.

Solutions Provided by

Our goal is to increase productivity and reduce problems and costs for organizations, administrations, educational institutions, and other service and manufacturing industries through the development of communication services and equipments. Here you can explore our services.

Why and when
do you need
network solutions?

Normally, business owners and managers have problems in the field of network services, which sometimes require the presence of an expert or a team of experts to solve the problem or propose and implement a new solution.
  • The decentralization of information and their deployment in different devices and the difficulty of accessing them
  • Problems related to the internal VoIP platform and equipment and following up on server problems
  • Reducing the speed of accessing information on the network or not accessing some resources
  • Fear of information leakage outside the organization due to users' free access to resources
  • Constant internet outages and inappropriate speed and response of the service provider
  • Dissatisfaction with the contractor or the current IT manager and not meeting the needs
  • Problems with printers, scanners and peripherals connected to the network or systems
  • The need for an expert group to communicate with software service providers
  • Problems related to optimizing web pages and improving SEO and site speed
  • Successive problems of software and hardware in the work environment
  • The need for advice to buy equipment and use appropriate solutions
  • And a host of other problems in the field of information technology

Do your work without
any distraction

  • Provider and implementer of internal and external communication and network solutions
  • Support services and maintenance of network equipment and devices
  • Providing advice for purchasing equipment and the best network topology
  • Web-based services including website design, online training systems and webinars
  • Virtualization for optimal use of server resources
  • And a wide range of other services that can be provided in the information technology area

Either we will find a way
or we will make the way

We are proud to provide the best solutions to offices, companies, organizations, schools, laboratories, businesses and individuals by relying on modern knowledge and the most serious methods.
Our goal is to create an efficient and secure platform for you.
We seek to provide you with the best possible advice, solutions and services in the field of information technology, network and communication solutions.
Our different teams are always trying to facilitate your movement on the technological frontier with the most efficient and least expensive methods possible.
With us, experience the peace and progress of work with basic methods in the field of informatics.

Sorting and Ordering

In companies, organizations, offices, schools, etc., due to the lack of implementation and integrated installation of a group of network services, we often see the congestion and confusion of their equipment and connections. Ordering the location of equipment and communication cables and creating a suitable space for easier access and fewer problems, as well as quick and easier troubleshooting, is an important principle in providing network services. With many years of experience, we are proud to decorate and organize your installed equipment to make your work environment look more professional.

NTCorp Service Pricing

Various and numerous factors are effective in determining the network solutions tariff, such as the scope of the project, the required services, the number of users, the number of equipment, etc. Therefore, our experts, by being at the customer's place and evaluating the problems and needs, provide some proposed plans for the customer. Considering the wide range of network solutions and due to the different nature of some of these services, it is not possible to create a collective agreement for services of different nature.

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